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Artisan Hand Dyed Yarn Art

  Get Artisan Hand Dyed Yarn Art from a Local Supplier

With help from our store, The Sandpiper, you can create beautiful artisan hand-dyed yarn art. Our stock includes a large variety of natural yarn colors, as well as blended colors to make unique and original designs. If there is a color of yarn that you are looking for, you can be sure you’ll find it here.

You can also shop our yarn by weight. Whether you are in need of light weight yarn or thick bulky yarn, you can find it here. Each yarn option is individually made and original, we give detailed information regarding the length, weight, and content of the yarn.

If you’re looking for ideas, we also sell a variety of novelty yarn crafts. The products offer you the instruction and inspiration you need to create lovely gifts and cute home decor. All the while, you’ll be improving your skill working with yarn.

If you’re more interested in shopping for pre-made yarn creations, we’ve got you covered there too. Our artisan hand-dyed yarn art and clothing items are primarily made with local Hoof-to-Hanger fibers and created with distinct care and personalization. Shop The Sandpiper online or in person for a range of original, hand-crafted, and quality items.

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