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Hoof-To-Hanger Michigan

  Shop High Quality Yarns From Our Hoof-To-Hanger Michigan Store

The team at The Sandpiper is proud to sell yarn materials made from our Hoof-to-Hanger Fiber Mill. This is an original facility that produces high quality yarn products. At Hoof-to-Hanger, we are involved in every step of the yarn process, as the name implies. We source fleece for our Natural Plus yarn products locally and within the region, and work to transform the natural fiber into workable yarn for our artisan-designed gift shop in Bridgman.

We know exactly where our fiber comes from, and use it to design professional and high quality yarn products. The beauty of working with materials produced from our Hoof-to-Hanger Michigan mill is that you can be sure you have carefully made, high quality yarn that is unique and special to any project you are working on.

And, if you are looking for gift shops in Bridgman, you can browse and purchase a full range of hand-knitted or crocheted products that were produced using our Hoot-to-Hanger yarn and materials. Shop our range of sweaters available in a number of sizes, shapes, styles, and colors, in addition to other local gifts and treats.


You can ensure that all of our products offered in our gift shop are original and made with products produced at our Hoof-to-Hanger Michigan operation. From scarves to ponchos to sweaters to knitting wool, it’s all available locally and online at The Sandpiper.

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