Knitted Sweaters

Original Knitted Sweaters

Finding original and one of a kind materials make for the perfect gift. At The Sandpiper, we are happy to offer a range of knitted sweaters, available in our online boutique. Our knitted sweaters are all individually made and completely original. Each sweater is an original, with only one available. Shop a range of styles, cuts, and colors. Each sweater has the exact measurements listed to ensure you are purchasing your correct size. Even better, each unique knitted sweater is made of materials and yarn spun at our Hoof-to-Hanger location. Our knitted sweaters are one of a kind, and it follows that they require special care. Be sure to hand wash and lay flat to dry in order to keep your original and one of a kind sweater looking and feeling great.
If original sweaters aren't what you are searching for, our online boutique has several other great gift ideas for yourself or a loved one. Shop our range of handbags and wallets, all expertly designed with the highest quality materials. Further, we have custom rock projects that are great gift items. These can be used throughout the home, such as for a decorative soap dish. Our online boutique also features several hand made pottery items including fun and whimsical mugs. And, what could be an online boutique without a range of homespun fiber material? Online, we have several roving options as well as core spun fibers in a variety of colors. Shop The Sandpiper online boutique for a range of original, hand crafted, and quality items.


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