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Knitting And Crochet Yarn

Looking for the Best Knitting and Crochet Yarn on the Market?

Are you searching for the best knitting and crochet yarn on the market? Here at the Sandpiper, we strive to offer the very best quality of yarn, spun with quality fibers at our Hoof-to-Hanger Fiber Mill. For hobbyists, pros, and home crafters alike, our knitting and crochet wool is hailed as the finest Michigan has to offer- and it’s now available on our online store as well.

If you’ve ever been frustrated in your search for high quality fibers, you should try our knitting and crochet yarn. This fine, hand spun wool yarn is available in a wide variety of weights and colors, and local craftspeople cherish it for its look, feel, and workability.

However, we aren’t just a local yarn and gift shop. We also offer community building events at our store. Hobbies are a perfect stress relief, an outlet to enjoy something you truly love aside from the toil of day to day life. Hobbies that take on a creative and constructive outlet can not only be enriching, but they can be fulfilling too. Many people turn to hobbies involving yarn and go yarn shopping in order to find a constructive stress relief option.

Our Fiber Saturday events include a 15% discount on all Sandpiper shopping! These events are a great way to get your hands on our knitting and crochet yarn and meet fellow crafters and hobbyists with the same interests. They take place on every second Saturday of the month, and we have other sporadic special events throughout the year.

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