Knitting Classes

Take Knitting Classes or Go Online Yarn Shopping at The Sandpiper

Hobbies are a perfect stress relief, an outlet to enjoy something you truly love aside from the toil of day to day life. Hobbies that take on a creative and constructive outlet can not only be enriching, but they can be fulfilling too. Many people turn to hobbies involving yarn and go online yarn shopping in order to find a constructive stress relief option. The team at The Sandpiper not only offers a pleasurable online yarn shopping experience, but we are also proud to offer knitting classes for all levels and abilities. Whether you are a beginner that has never held knitting needles before, or a sage professional knitter, we have knitting classes for you. Sign up for our knitting classes to learn various knitting techniques from beginner to advanced. We also offer informative classes that will cover the various ways yarn is made and constructed. Sign up for our Processing Raw Animal Fibers class to learn how to create your own yarn. We give you the option to bring your own fleece to work with, or use our own!
During our knitting classes we can show you the basics or advanced techniques required to be able to make your own knitted garments. In our Knit Nights, we are happy to go through the various techniques and patterns needed to make challenging and enriching projects. These can range from simple knitted garments, such as scarfs or hats, to complicated knitted garments such as sweaters and vests. Join the team at The Sandpiper for special class instruction for innovative new projects. Plus, if you come to one of our classes, you will have the ability to purchase our yarn products at 15% off for the night. And remember, we also offer high quality yarn products at our online shop. So if you want to go online yarn shopping, you are sure to find everything that you need at The Sandpiper.