Online Shopping

Buy Yarn and Local, Regional and Fair Trade Artisan Crafts at our Local Yarn Shop & Boutique

If you are looking for a great place to buy yarn, check out our local yarn shop & boutique. At The Sandpiper, we are happy to give you the luxury of online shopping for all of your yarn needs. Searching online, you will be able to see the full range of yarn products we have available at our local yarn shop & boutique. We first sort our yarn products by the thickness and weight. From there, our products are sorted by color. We try to offer big, bold, and clear photographs so you are able to see the exact color and product you are purchasing. Further, each yarn item has a very specific description, including the amount of yarn available. Not only do we list the total yardage available in each skein, but we are happy to supply you with the amount of skeins we have available for large products. Online shopping is easy through The Sandpiper to find original and professional quality yarn.
Our local yarn shop & boutique also has several local, regional and fair trade artisan crafts for purchase. Products that are handmade and original are often the best gifts to give. You can ensure that there are no two products alike, and each artisan gift is completely original. The team at The Sandpiper has a range of local, regional and fair trade artisan crafts that are handmade with our Hoof-to-Hanger yarn. These include sweaters, scarfs, and ponchos. These are one of a kind, so make your purchase early to ensure you get the gift of your choice. Further, we have several hand made pottery items and home decor items. Shop our online boutique to browse one of a kind, local, regional and fair trade artisan crafts that we have available.