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Harvest Accessories Pouch  -  Atenti

Atenti - Harvest Accessories Pouch

SKU: 7986
  • Atenti - Harvest Accessories Pouch

    The Harvest Accessories Pouch features an embroidered fabric designed by Hilary Farr intricately portraying the enchanting balance of humanity, nature, and wildlife. The depicted scene in soft tones of fall create a captivating statement piece.

    Stay organized and stylish with our Accessories Pouch to Match! Crafted from offcut materials to reduce waste, this small, nifty pouch comes in a variety of fabrics to match your outfit or bag collection.

    Neatly stash makeup, needlearts supplies, charging cords, and more, with its secure top zipper closure. 

    These pouches are the perfect way to organize your items and add a touch of style to any outfit.

    Dimension About: 8.00"W x 6.00"H x 1.50"D

    Made in the USA

    1 - Accessories Pouch Available

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