Artisan Wool Felted Scarf by Elizabeth Kozlowski

Elizabeth Kozlowski Artisan Wool Felted Scarf

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  • Elizabeth Kozlowski Artisan Felted Wool Scarf

    Flowing Leaf

    Gracefully compliments and accents any outfit, casual or dressy.  A beautiful layering accessory for a special ensemble!

    Synthetic Scarf with Merino and Corriedale Wool Hand Felted Applique

    56"L  x  17"W 

    Made in Michigan

    Hand Wash in Coool Water with a Neutral Soap. Squeeze Water Through the Scarf. Do Not Rub, this will Shrink the Wool. Rinse, Lay Flat on a Dry Towel and Roll it Up. Lay Flat Until Completely Dry. Do Not Machine Wash or Machine Dry. 

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