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ZAD Fashion Inc. -  Embroidered Elegance Cuff Bracelet

Embroidered Elegance Cuff Bracelet - ZAD Fashion Inc.

SKU: 749502
  • ZAD Fashion Inc. -  Embroidered Elegance Cuff Bracelet

    Beautiful vintage style lovingly embordered onto one gorgeous statement bracelet! This elegant gold cuff bracelet features grey mesh ribbon with unique pink and yellow embroidered floral design.

    Add this crafty cuff bracelet to your wardrobe for a lovely cottage appeal! * Handmade in India * Floral embroidered mesh ribbon *

    Perfect cuff for vintage, cottage or boho looks. Measures: 1 7/8" wide. Materials: Brass, Embroidered Fabric.

    2 Bracelets Available

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