Hoof-to-Hanger Fiber Mill Custom Hand Woven Runner by Textile Designer Melanie Nieske

Melanie Nieske Custom Hand Woven Runner - Hoof-to-Hanger Fiber Mill

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  • Hoof-to-Hanger Fiber Mill Floor Runner by Melanie Nieske, Textile Designer

    Original Custom Designs Crafted by Melanie Nieske in Longmont, CO. 

    Hand Dyed Dorset Polypay Roving Processed by Hoof-to-Hanger Fiber Mill Bridgman, MI. Winter Weko Beach color by Susan Atwell, Fiber Hand Dyer.

    2x8 Feet

    Each Handwoven Runner Naturally Features Slight Variations, Making Every One a Unique Piece of Art.

    Ships From Bridgman, MI. Additional Postage Will be Determined Once  Purchase Is Made Due to Larger Than Average Size.

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