Single Steeps Chakra Sampler Box- Tea Forte




Tea Forte Single Steeps Chakra Sampler Box

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  • Tea Forte Chakra Single Steeps Sampler Box

    Chakra - a Sanskrit word meaning "wheel" or "cycle". Chakra refers to the centering energy radiating within us all. These exotic blends make for a warm and inviting cup, allowing for focus on well - being and mental clarity.

    Contains 15 Single - Portion, Stay - Fresh Packets with Loose Tea:  Three Each ~ Mate Mantra Chai, Vanilla Veda Chai, Ginger Guru Chai, Rooibos Raja Chai, and Tumeric Tantra Chai.

    Perfect 12 Ounce Steep

    9.8 L x 1.3 D x 5.8 H

    2 Boxes Available