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The Best Online Yarn Shop with Natural Spinning Fibers 

The Sandpiper is happy to provide a range of hand made, quality yarn products. We have a robust collection of Hoof-to-Hanger Fiber Mill yarn in our shop, offering several choices for all of your knitting, crocheting, and weaving projects. Our yarn shop is quite extensive, offering almost every color yarn you can imagine. We offer natural colors, as well as blended colors to make unique and original designs. Further, our yarn shop has all weight ranges. Choose from light and delicate sock weight yarn, or shop our options for thick and bulky yarn. Because each yarn option is individually made and original, we give detailed information regarding the length of yarn, as well as the number of skeins available for purchase. We are also happy to sell various patterns needed to make fun and challenging projects. The team at The Sandpiper loves the creativeness yarn lends to various projects, and we encourage our clients to unleash their own creative flare using our high quality products.
All of our yarn is made of natural spinning fibers, both original and dyed. At The Sandpiper, we are proud of our quality Hoof-to-Hanger yarn products produced. All of our available yarns are made of 100% wool or wool mix. This means that our yarn is clean, durable, and unique. Wool yarn is a far superior product to man-made yarn products, commonly found at craft stores. Not only does our yarn include natural spinning fibers, original and hand dyed, but it works and lasts longer than commercially produced yarn. Wool  or wool mix yarn is a higher quality and a better performing material. Wool has an uncanny ability to stay warm in the winter, while cool in the summer. If you want your final projects to have the highest quality, turn to the Hoof-to-Hanger Fiber Mill yarns sold at The Sandpiper.