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Handwoven Bamboo and Chenille Scarf - Altiplano

Altiplano - Handwoven Bamboo and Chenille Scarf

SKU: 787101
  • Altiplano - Handwoven Bamboo and Chenille Scarf

    Our bamboo chenille scarves are handwoven from luxurious and sustainable 100% organic bamboo. They are handwoven on a traditional back strap loom by a Mayan Women’s cooperative in the highlands of Guatemala.

    These scarves are hand dyed using traditional ikat technique, featuring a sophisticated, rich color palette and exceptionally soft hand.

    The scarf project plays a large role in the success of the grass roots cooperative that has grown from 15 to over 300 members, helping indigenous women improve the lives of their families and community through financial security.

    In addition to providing women financial independence, the project supports traditional Mayan handcraft, challenged by the demands of fast paced of modern living.

    Each scarf measures 64” in length/round and 10” in width. -  Altiplano

    1 - Scarf Available

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