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Yarn Crafts Supplier

  The Sandpiper is Proud to be Your Local Yarn Crafts Supplier

The Sandpiper is happy to provide a range of hand made, quality yarn products. We have a fine yarn shop, offering several choices for all of your knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving, and felting projects. As a yarn crafts supplier, our selection is quite high quality, offering a variety of products in a wide range of categories. Our wool yarn shop offers natural, blended, and hand-dyed art yarn to make unique and original designs.

Our wool yarn shop also includes all ranges of weight. Choose from light and delicate sock weight yarn, or shop our options for thick and bulky yarn. Because each yarn option is hand-processed and original, we give detailed information regarding the weight, length, and content of yarn available for purchase.

We are also happy to sell patterns needed to make fun and challenging projects. The team at The Sandpiper loves the creativeness yarn lends to various projects, and we encourage our clients to unleash their own creative flare using our high quality products.

All of our yarn is made of natural spinning fibers and blends. At The Sandpiper, we are proud of our quality yarn products produced. All of our available yarns are made of natural, exotic, and luxury animal fibers. This means that our yarn is pure, durable, and unique.


Not only does our yarn include natural fibers, but they are sustainable, warm, and environmentally friendly. Natural fibers are of higher quality and a better performing material. Natural fibers have an uncanny ability to stay warm in the winter, while cool in the summer. If you're looking for a dependable yarn crafts supplier, you can always count on The Sandpiper.

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